Our off-road representatives are ready to offer advice on available products, install your new upgrades and help you build your ride.  At CTU we install everything we sell, from performance parts like exhausts and intakes, to lift kits, wheels, tires, and more.  Have CTU install your products and you’ll receive the benefit of:

• Installation provided by truck, Jeep, and SUV experts

• Call or visit CTU for prices and scheduling


Whether you’re looking to get your ride tuned up, or just looking to add a new upgrade, CTU offers complete upgrade and maintenance services for everything from performance modifications, to cosmetic alterations.  Click on the tabs below to learn more about some of the upgrade and maintenance services CTU offers.


  • Lift Kits

    CTU has the best suspension systems available on the market.


    Services include:

      • Installation available for every suspension system that we offer for

         sale, including lowering kits, leveling kits and suspension lifts.


  • LINE-X Spray On Bed Liners

    LINE-X is the nation’s leading provider of spray-on protective coatings.  Line-X bedliners have a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty.


    Services Include:

    • Spray-On Truck Bedliners

    • Colors available

    • Full line of Line-X products available, including Platinum, Premium and XTRA

    • Coating available for rocker panels, bumpers and more


  • Accessories

    All major brands of interior and exterior accessories for your vehicle are available at affordable prices.


    Services Include:

      •  Lifetime guarantee on most products offered for sale

      •  Installation available for all products available for sale


  • Suspension Inspection & Repair

    Suspension problems may be eliminated before they occur by having the vehicle’s suspension inspected regularly.  Worn out suspension components may cause uneven tire wear and other unwanted problems.


    Services Include:

    • Suspension inspection, installation and repair services

    • Free suspension inspections available


  • Shock & Strut Maintenance/Replacement

    Shocks and struts that are worn out or inadequate should be replaced to increase stability and maintain good ride control.  Shocks and struts help keep your tires in constant contact with the road and reduce harmful vibrations, preventing premature tire wear and reducing wear on other components of your vehicle.


    Services include:

    • Stock replacement or aftermarket upgraded shocks available for all vehicles

    • All major brands available, including premium brands

    • Parts and service available for all vehicles


  • Alignments

    Without a proper alignment, your tires will wear unevenly.  A proper alignment improves ride quality, gas mileage, and optimizes tire wear.  Alignments are recommended after installation of any suspension kit.


    Services Include:

    • Free alignment inspections

    • Alignments offered for nearly every make and model


  • Wheels & Tires

    All major brands of aftermarket wheels and tires are available.  Installation is available for all wheels and tires available for purchase.


    Services Include:

    • Replacement tires from OE to oversized sizes available

    • Mounting & balancing

    • Tire rotations


  • LEER Toppers

    LEER fiberglass truck caps (camper shells) and tonneau covers are custom-designed to fit virtually every pickup on the road today.  These toppers enhance the value and usefulness of every truck on the road.  LEER is the number one brand in fiberglass bed covers.

  • Performance Products

    Full line of performance products includes: air intake systems, headers, exhaust, chips and programmers.  Performance products can improve horsepower and fuel economy.  Our sales staff can provide counsel to you on the performance products available for your vehicle.


    Services Include:

    • All major brands of performance products are available

    • Installation available for all performance products offered for sale


  • Hitch & Towing Accessories

    A full line of hitches and towing accessories is available for sale, including gooseneck hitches, trailer hitches, wiring harnesses, helper springs, brake controllers and much more.


    Services include:

    • Installation available for all hitch and wiring products available for sale


  • Katzkin Leather

    Katzkin Interiors transform the entire driving experience with custom leather interiors based on innovative technologies and beautiful designs.

    Katzkin interiors:

    • Are handcrafted using the finest quality automotive leather and vinyl

    • Match or exceed factory leather specifications and content

    • Are backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty

    • Clean easily with just a soft cloth and mild soap and water


  • Window Tint

    Window tint keeps your vehicle cooler and the sun out of your eyes.


    Services Include:

    • Window tinting available for nearly every make and model


  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS)

    A wide variety of TPMS services are available.


    Services include:

    • State of the art equipment that covers vehicle applications up to 2015

    • Inspection and diagnostic services

    • Repair and replacement services


  • Brake Service

    Having the proper brakes and maintaining regular inspections are crucial aspects of responsible vehicle ownership.  Regular brake inspections are recommended: every 6,000 miles or every time you have your tires rotated.


    Services Include:

    • Full brake service available on passenger cars, trucks and SUVs

    • Full line of OE replacement parts and aftermarket brake upgrade kits

    • Free brake inspections


  • Batteries

    Services Include:

    • Replacement batteries available

    • Upgraded batteries available


  • Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance keeps your vehicle operating at optimum performance.


    Services Include:

    • Tire rotation

    • Replacing fluids and filters

    • Cleaning out internal systems


  • A/C System

    Services Include:

    • A/C system service

    • A/C recharge and refresh

    • Repair/Replacement of: Fan; Condenser; Compressor; Dryer; A/C System


  • Cooling System

    Services Include:

    • Free cooling system inspection

    • Cooling system pressure/leak test

    • Cooling system drain & fill

    • Cooling system flush

    • Belt Replacement

    • Repair/Replacement of: Radiator; Water Pump; Cooling System


  • Drivetrain Services

    Services Include:

    • CV shaft replacement


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